Info for Artists

Standard offer

Our standard offer includes (in 3 languages: English, Spanish and German):

  • Your presentation of work/biography with your photography or self-portrait
  • Gallery with 44 images of your works and their description (title, size, location and year of creation, used material and technique, sales price)
  • Contact page (name, address, phone/fax, email address and contact form)
  • New: personal administration area for changing data


Screenshots of different pages for the artist like biographie, art objects and contact page of the artist.


Black page layout

Black page layout

now you can have your presentation also in black:

Examples:     Giselle Lebrun   Tycjan Bartuś




individual frame layout




Individual Design

now you can have your presentation also in black:

Examples:     The evening  

Prices for standard offer

Basic charge for web pages
· biography, contact
· and 44 images
· in 3 languages

yearly only

59.90 €

or half-yearly only 32.00 €
or quaterly only 17.50 €
(only in white or black;
in both colors + 9.90 €)
only 29.00 €
by artist itself over administration area
· Simple annoucement of your exhibitions in
· Editing and changing of works
· Editing of biographie texts
· and more ...

You can subscribe to the Galerí with a form:  

All prices include VAT

If you need support with your preparation of your presentation we offer our additional services.

Further information in General Terms of Use.


Prices for Additional Services
Basic charge for space of 33 more works:

yearly only +9.95 €

half-yearly only +5.30 €
quaterly only +2.90 €
Translation: 12 Cent / word
All other services: acc. effort

* All prices include VAT

Additional services:

  • Translation of your text in other languages
  • Digitalizing of text and photographies
  • Taking photographies of your works
  • Special image editing
  • Creating additional pages like presentation of your studio/gallery, street guide etc.
  • Preparation of a sub-domain with individual page layout (e.g.
  • Extension of your presentation in
  • Add an additional 4th language of your choice to your pages
  • Creation of banners
  • Design of flyers, handouts, business cards, ...
  • We offer for clients without internet connection a contact and administration service

Of course we offer the creation of individualized homepages. Price therefore depend on the extent of the presentation of your web site.

Further information in General Terms of Use.