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Tycjan Bartuś was born in 1987 in the southeast of Poland. In the year 2006 he completed the High School in his hometown Biecz. The young high—talented man paints and draws since his earliest childhood. His artistic talent was and is strongly affected by his family environment.

Up to now he has won 25 prices in different art competitions. Among others: 1st Price in the National edition of the French UNESCO competition "The year of the water" and a decoration in the 3rd national competition "in the culture world".

The Intelligent and disciplined young artist is aware that before him lies a long way of learning and artistic experimenting. He is interested in various possibilities of artistic expression and would gladly study fine art and graphics. For him computergraphic is also very attractive to perform.

The goal of Tycjan is not to paint a picture but the desire to give his feelings, emotions and thoughts a visible form. He doesn´t prefer certain colours. The current situation, the temper and the momentary light decides about the colouring of a picture. It lies in his nature to paint and thus to catch an instant and show a movement of time.

When he starts to paint, he does it intuitive and as he says: "Something leads me. The problem consists however of how far I can trust that something. It is not enough for me to have a good idea. I must animate it with my feelings and emotions."

Up to now, Tycjan has won 25 prices in different art competitions, among other things the 1st Price of the national advertisement of the French UNESCO in the competition "the year of the water".

Since 1998 he is a scholarship holder of the national foundation in favour of high—talented children. His work was exhibited in different expositions in Warsaw and Biecz, as well as on international level by the UNESCO organized expositions in Le Mont—Dore (France) and Auckland (New Zealand).

May Tycjan on its way meets mentors, who helps him to unfold his young talent and may he give us more possibilities of diving into his colourful worlds.


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